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Topic subjectYou don't read!!!
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2891, You don't read!!!
Posted by deejboram, Sun Nov-16-03 01:06 AM
>I think Cali is the worst and the
>most expensive and the hardest state to get the most
>financial assistance in...because all these other people
>speak down on my argument as if I'm dumb...but maybe its
>because they don't live in Cali so things are different for
>whatever state they come from...

Did you read any of the posts where people (myself included) ref'd schools in California (not Baja Cali!) such as:
UC Berkeley
Cal Tech
San Francisco State
Cal State - Dominguez Hills

Furthermore, I'm from Cali spent 2 semesters in it's public college system and still very abreast on the tuition situation there as I'm considering transfering to UCLA, my girl is thinking about enrolling at UC Berkeley, and I have neice that's will be entering college (maybe in Cali) in two years.

Bottom line is, you gotta do some research before you start gripping about shit or you'll just sound like a fool.