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Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri Nov-14-03 06:21 AM
well, you are right on a couple things; it's no guarantee and in fact if you are not wealthy to begin with studies have shown working straight out of high school is more lucrative. but those numbers are skewed because they assume you can get a decent job and save a dime, two things that are increasingly difficult; rapidly so in the last few years with the disappearance of American manufacturing, agricultural and industrial jobs.

that it's 50/50 that people "fail" with a degree is a hell of a statement to make. Where does 50/50 come from and what is "failing?" I know plenty of reasonably wealthy people without college degrees, but most of them send their kids to college, so it can't be roses and saffron making it without one. Not to mention the fact that I didnt go to college to get rich at all myself and considered it only an investment in an education and a great time. Between the lack of certainty and the wealth of other benefits from going to school, if you're going to get paid you are going for the wrong reason. You should work and save your money like the survey says if that is what you are after because there are no $80K/year jobs to start even for computer engineers like there were a few years back.

As for loans, grants and scholarship, a TON of money (I knew the figure in 2000 when I was applying; cant recall now) goes unclaimed. As someone already mentioned, if your parents really don't have the money, even if they have a heavy income with heavy debts, you can get at a bare minimum loans to cover everything and even grants. In Cali they give more loans and less grants as you move up; in part because of changing state budgets but also because they figure you are more able to pay them back and you move closer to a degree (damn!). But if you hustle you can do what I did and make it through school in 3 years or go to a JC if you can afford that more easily and do two years there(not sure how that works out with fin aid). But with the the 3 year deal, they paid for pretty much my entire first year in grants plus I got a couple of little bs scholarships I sought out (they amounted to maybe $1000); over half of my second year was paid for in grants (rest in loans) and my third year was about 50/50. Summer school has reduced fees, if you wanna push through you will have to go but it also has fin aid available almost everywhere from a separate form and your annual FAFSA. I was turning down loans by the time I got deeper into my career and they are cool about paying them back. Almost always you dont have to start repaying the bulk of them until you are out of school and they dont carry credit card interest rates or anything.

Anyway, sure education is going up but it's always been expensive and there are now more ways to circumvent the expense; when my dad was in school in the 60s they paid for everything pretty much and it was more exclusive in terms of wealth who went to college. I think you may see some different things happen if a dem gets elected president but who knows? Education always takes a backseat to war, it's terrible but it's always true; I'd like to see mufuckas hold a bake sale to build an aircraft carrier.

Today, people are willing to go into debt for anything, they finance a pack of tic tacs at ridiculous interest. Housing seems to have really shot upwards and that is a problem for students. The primary difference between now and when my dad was in school is the cost of living; rents, greek dues, bills and so on are all proportionately and substantially higher. But they take this into account on your FAFSA, they send you a check for what was over your fees often to cover your living expenses at least in part (during the year it usually covers it, Summertime no).

Anyway, ask people who have done it and, like everyone is saying here, they'll tell you it doesnt kill you financially nor is it not worth the experience...