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Topic subjectlisten it's not only about the money
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2885, listen it's not only about the money
Posted by les_fleurs, Fri Nov-14-03 06:01 AM
i'm sorry education is a form of investment. If you're able to get the grant or the scholarship cances are you'll get a decent job blah blah.
Now that doesn't seem to work for some people. why? you got to invest in yourself as a person as well. It's crazy how many students don't really care about improving their cv. Having a degree is NOT ENOUGH TO GET YOURSELF A JOB!!! do some other stuff: learn languages, do some activism, get a part time work (well most of us don't have the choice for that), participate in whatever you can. eh it's like that these days...
more and more employers don't care about degrees anymore because we all get out from uni with the same education. they need other facts which show that you're not just any dude applying for the job. you gotta show them that you're special. but at the end you still need the degree because if you don't you're not good enough for the job