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Topic subjectRE: It's an investment................
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2882, RE: It's an investment................
Posted by afrikankween52, Fri Nov-14-03 05:45 AM
Have you ever filled out a FASFA form. Unless your folks are making money out the ass, the grants will come rolling in.

In the "great" state of florida, if you qualify for a full pell grant, florida matches that.

There are no excuses for folks to not go to school. If my best friend who has 5 sisters and brothers and her momma makes all of 15K a year ......is now working on her masters degree......no one has a damn excuse.

It also seems as though folks forgot about actually WORKING to pay for their tutition. Duh. Alot of jobs now offer tuition reimbursement programs as well.

Excuses are tools of incompetence which leads to monuments of nothingness, those who specialize in them, seldom do well at anything.