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Topic subject I wish you would STFU with that shit.
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28679, I wish you would STFU with that shit.
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Mar-10-05 09:01 PM
So you would just ex-out Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Orlanda, Austin, Dallas, Houston, THE ENTIRE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI and ALL it has brought us.

In fact. I don't believe I can name a black person of great impact in this country that aint from the damn South, or the Islands.

That sort of struggle is a culdren (sp) it's like a social blacksmith, and the hotter it gets, it is able to forge stronger PEOPLE.

shit. Without the south, this country would just be another cold, barren EURO wastland devoid of any potent energies, stregths or pagentries.

Name any thing you love about America and I would wager it has the south stamped all over it.

get outta here with that.


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