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Topic subjectRE: I'm not sure I like the connection being made
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28648, RE: I'm not sure I like the connection being made
Posted by Chike, Fri Feb-25-05 08:54 PM
>Hmmmmmm, I did n't think the article was emphasizing German
>evils to the exclusion of other European nations in Africa.

Not excluding what other nations did, but (unwittingly?) detaching what they did from what happened in Namibia.

>The point is that the Jewish Holocaust which also murdered,
>gays, Serbs, Communists, dissidents, Gypsies, the mentally
>ill had it's roots in the genocide of the Herero nation in
>Naimbia. Most individuals don't make the African connection
>with the Jewish Holocaust.

This is what I disagree with. Connecting what the Nazi regime did to Jews, gays, blacks, etc., to what happened in Namibia can give the impression that what happened in Namibia was somehow Nazi-related.