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Topic subjectRE: so in otherwords
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28633, RE: so in otherwords
Posted by El_essence, Sun Feb-27-05 08:03 PM
>you want him to make it "sound" better in order for black
>folks to digest it.

I want him to make it plain. If his motives are to shit on black folks in america, then he should just continue right on with what he's doing. But if his goal is to try and work towards the progress of black folks, that antagonist approach is not working.

There are plenty of other black conservatives who, whether I agree with or not, are doing what they think is the best direction for black america and don't try and distance themselves from black folks. I've never heard Innis and the like come out of their face with half of the bullshit this dude says. I'm not the type of dude to throw uncle tom out to any and every black conservative out there. But he's definitely crossed that line on a number of occasions.