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Topic subjectRE: he's a tad bit over the top
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28630, RE: he's a tad bit over the top
Posted by suave_bro, Sun Feb-27-05 05:45 AM
>it's not his message....it's the message that Black people
>have been speaking on for thousands of years....it's the
>same message that Rev. Jackson, Min. Farrakhan, and all the
>other Black leaders he's attacked for his Zionist pimps have
>been saying for years..

- wow. so show me where rev jackson has addressed the DL brother phenomenon in our community, the AIDS, the black on black crime, show me where jesse jackson has addressed the 70% out of wedlock birth rate in our communities (outside of him saying 'jesus was born out of wedlock' when he was asked about his illegitimate child)...the most minister farakhoon has done in the past 10 years was sit down with ja rule to talk about his beef with 50 cent. yeah, talk about a TRUE black leader!!