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Topic subjecthe's a tad bit over the top
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28628, he's a tad bit over the top
Posted by suave_bro, Sat Feb-26-05 08:25 PM
but his overall message is one that should be heard by all african americans...notice i didnt say put in2 practice, respected, liked, or memorized, I simply said HEARD.

i mean stop and think about it: a report just came out the other day about the doubling of black HIV rates since 1995 and what are our black leaders doing? critisizing bush over social security and the war in iraq? protesting KFC? are these things more important than a disease that is literally KILLING off massive amounts of black folks as we speak!?

at the core of it jesse peterson isn't really saying anything different then what we say at picnics and social gatherings, he is just saying it where white people can hear it and that doesnt sit well with black folks...