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Topic subjectman, they taught comprehension in 4th grade
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28621, man, they taught comprehension in 4th grade
Posted by suave_bro, Sat Feb-26-05 09:09 PM
where i went to school...sheesh...

>I was talking about what I SAW and HEARD him say these
>things about liberals, Jackson, etc.
>Even today on the C-SPAN program after the Tavis meeting.

- I saw him on cspan today and I listen to his radio show he never said that racism doesn't exist, he says that the problems we face today have nothing to do with racism and there is a difference. one caller even called in on some "my boss doesnt want me there because im black" And jesse told him straight out that if this indeed DID happen (which i doubt), there are proper channels he can go through to in order to handle that situation...racism is NOT the #1 problem facing black america in 2005. we WANT it to be badly though...