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Posted by DeeX, Sun Feb-27-05 07:45 AM
>im talking about the way nobody can debate black
>conservatives on issues concerning the black community.


But Dyson also made the argument, which Limbaugh doesn't address, that Peterson apparently is incapable of an honest debate:

Peterson refused to engage in an intellectual or principled defense of his opposition to reparations. Instead, he relied on the heavy-handed emotional antipathy toward black people. His rambling tirades included ill-formulated assaults on such leaders as Minister Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson, against whom he hosts a ridiculous annual day of repudiation on the King Holiday. ... He was shockingly unfamiliar with many of the ideas, articles, books, arguments and the like that have poured out either for or against his beliefs. As I prodded him to address the issues at hand, he relentlessly and bitterly attacked black ethical failure. ... when I pressed Peterson about his insistence that we view the legitimacy of arguments about reparations through the lens of his twisted beliefs about black moral failure, he could only babble on about how utterly reprobate blacks are.

Dyson is backed up -- something Peterson's statements have yet to be -- by a letter writer to Jim Romenesko's MediaNews, who says that "Peterson wasn't treated like a stepchild, he simply didn't debate the subject."

Selected Quotes: Jesse Lee Peterson
These quotes come from listening to his show:

"Most Black people are not honest and don't like to work."

"Most Black preachers aren't called by God, they are called by their mommas."

"Most Black preachers teach hatred of Israel."

"Most Black people, not all, but most, like lies over truth."

"A lot of Christians aren't really Christians, especially Black ones."

"When it comes to sex, you can't trust a Black preacher."

"Blacks who complain should be put back onto the plantation so that they would know how to work."

"Most Black men are not worth anything."

"Black preachers are racists".