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Topic subjectRE: nigga please.
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28616, RE: nigga please.
Posted by Warren Coolidge, Sat Feb-26-05 10:00 PM
>>you say that Black Conservatives cannot be debated..
>>Jesse Peteron has made a career off of being an ignorant
>>sounding, inarticulate foil for other more legitimate and
>>respected Black leaders...
>- again, where is this man making mad loot?

His income has certainly increased because of the fact that he has promoted himself as being the anti-Negro negro....I don't think he is in any position to make mad loot because he really isn't all the charasmatic...He is basiclly just dissing every Black liberal he can, and then promoting his ideas as if they are something new...

but when you look at his website...you see it's just a front from converting Black to the republican party:

in the link above he speaks about a boycott of the Naacp...

not because they don't serve the Black community..
not because they are corrupt...
not because of their work, or lack of it...

but because Julian Bond said something bad about Republicans..

Because Julian Bond put down republicans...Peterson feels the NAACP should be boycotted...

what does that have to do with the live of Black people???


when have you
>seen jesse peterson speaking at the RNC? when have you seen
>him mingling with some of the elite republican party
>members? cmon now...you got all of this from a mans WORDS.

Peterson is one of the very few black fake-ass conservative leaders who the right are trying to promote as the "New Black leadership"....but when you look at what they have actually accomplished...you see very little or nothing...other than being a Black mouthpiece for the right...

>none of what you said is true, but because he speaks on what
>he speaks on, this is what is ASSUMED about him...cmon

everything I said is true.....Peterson is an ignorant joke who puts a Black face on the Right's attack of Blacks best interest...

>>Only recently after getting some exposure on fox news, and
>>other conservative outlets...as the negro who will gladly go
>>on tv or radio and make attacks on the likes of Jesse
>>Jackson ..
>>Let's look at some of Rev. Peterson's words:
>>"Of course, this united voice of the black leadership,
>>reflected in an utter lack of pro-American support from the
>>black community, should come to us as no shock. We have long
>>known that the majority of the so-called black civil-rights
>>leaders and black preachers are communist-socialist pigs who
>>hate America and hate Israel, passionately despise President
>>Bush, and can't stand the melting of their once widespread
>>power since 9-11."
>>a couple of points...first of all he is calling Black
>>preachers communist pigs who hate Israel...and secondly he
>>is doing it in a style of communication that is very
>>different than what you hear from Rev. Peterson on TV and
>>Radio....on TV and radio, Peterson sounds...well...at the
>>least inarticulate..and at the most...just plain
>>igornant....In fact just recently has it been that Peterson
>>is being called conservative, when initially he was just the
>- whoa...wait a minute. so are you debunking his arguments?
>by saying that he sounds "different" than what he sounds
>like on his radio show!? (when in fact ive heard him say
>this MILLIONS of times on his show)...

What I'm saying is that he is a puppet for the right...those aren't his words becaus obviously his level of articulation does not rise to the level to be able to produce that...he's simply a right wing lawn jockey...

>>Peterson is being pimped by the right..
>- again, how so? republicans want nothing to do with this
>man so how is he being pimped by them?

Sean Hannity has had Peterson on his show numerous times without ever disclosing that he is on the advisory board for Peterson's bogus orginization....Dennis Prager...another Zionist right wing communicator is on his advisory board....again....Peterson was not polticial at all until recently when guys like Hannity and Prager became involved with him an became his "advisors" ...now these guys have a negro to bring on their shows...and Peterson repays them by promoting the anti-liberal zionist right wing agenda those types support....

listen to right wing radio shows like laura ingram and you hear peterson and these other Blacks who have gotten money from the Bush administration being promoted as new Black leaders...then when you go their websites, and check the data....these folks have done less than the smallest fraction for the Black community what the likes of Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan have done.

jesse peterson runs a
>non-profit organization that uses the bulk of their money to
>pay for peoples way through college...in fact here is a link
>to his organizations success stories:

wow...9 success stories....man....just from me representing myself I have been responsible for inspiring more than 9 damn Black people to go to college .....lol. So because he has 9 success stories on his website..he can clown Jackson, Farrakhan, Dr. King and others?? get out of here with that b.s.
>>who is capitolizing
>>on his jealousy of more articulate and popular Black
>>leaders....He has become a tool for the Zionists over at
>>worldnetdaily.com who look for every opportunity to prove
>>that Blacks hate Jews...
>- wow. you pick ONE topic that he wrote about and used that
>for your argument. how pathetic is this...

go here and pick any number of topics on the pro-Zionist site:

this one would be of special interest to you:

>>He claims to be the head of some orginization...but what
>>does this group do?? who do they serve? other than going
>>on Tv to diss Rev. Jackson...or going on Zionist websites to
>>label Blacks as anti-semetic....What does Peterson actually
>>not a damn thing...
>>and THIS is who you hold up as undebateable????
>>you can do better than that....
>- even after all that you havent debunked a got damn thing.
>the only thing i got from this is that you are pissed.

I'll debunk something for you...Black leaders are not Socialist pigs.....Peterson probably couldn't even spell Socialist.....and even if Black leaders were socialist...as some great one's were/are....if that's what they feel is in the best interest of Blacks...so be it.

>that is what you wanted to get across then you succeeded. I
>ask you to debunk what this man says about the black
>community and all you did was say he cant talk. nigga take
>your ass to bed and try again 2morrow....

lol....as I've told you many times before son....regardless of how deep in the Ass of the right you get...it will not help you achieve anything substantial....

The fact that you can call me a nigga while trying to hold some intellectual high ground shows that your lack of maturity, intellect, and you are at risk of being turned out by that white man you so desire to model your soul after....