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Topic subjectnigga please.
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28615, nigga please.
Posted by suave_bro, Sat Feb-26-05 09:19 PM
>you say that Black Conservatives cannot be debated..
>Jesse Peteron has made a career off of being an ignorant
>sounding, inarticulate foil for other more legitimate and
>respected Black leaders...

- again, where is this man making mad loot? when have you seen jesse peterson speaking at the RNC? when have you seen him mingling with some of the elite republican party members? cmon now...you got all of this from a mans WORDS. none of what you said is true, but because he speaks on what he speaks on, this is what is ASSUMED about him...cmon now...

>Only recently after getting some exposure on fox news, and
>other conservative outlets...as the negro who will gladly go
>on tv or radio and make attacks on the likes of Jesse
>Jackson ..

>Let's look at some of Rev. Peterson's words:
>"Of course, this united voice of the black leadership,
>reflected in an utter lack of pro-American support from the
>black community, should come to us as no shock. We have long
>known that the majority of the so-called black civil-rights
>leaders and black preachers are communist-socialist pigs who
>hate America and hate Israel, passionately despise President
>Bush, and can't stand the melting of their once widespread
>power since 9-11."
>a couple of points...first of all he is calling Black
>preachers communist pigs who hate Israel...and secondly he
>is doing it in a style of communication that is very
>different than what you hear from Rev. Peterson on TV and
>Radio....on TV and radio, Peterson sounds...well...at the
>least inarticulate..and at the most...just plain
>igornant....In fact just recently has it been that Peterson
>is being called conservative, when initially he was just the

- whoa...wait a minute. so are you debunking his arguments? by saying that he sounds "different" than what he sounds like on his radio show!? (when in fact ive heard him say this MILLIONS of times on his show)...

>Peterson is being pimped by the right..

- again, how so? republicans want nothing to do with this man so how is he being pimped by them? jesse peterson runs a non-profit organization that uses the bulk of their money to pay for peoples way through college...in fact here is a link to his organizations success stories:


>who is capitolizing
>on his jealousy of more articulate and popular Black
>leaders....He has become a tool for the Zionists over at
>worldnetdaily.com who look for every opportunity to prove
>that Blacks hate Jews...

- wow. you pick ONE topic that he wrote about and used that for your argument. how pathetic is this...

>He claims to be the head of some orginization...but what
>does this group do?? who do they serve? other than going
>on Tv to diss Rev. Jackson...or going on Zionist websites to
>label Blacks as anti-semetic....What does Peterson actually


>not a damn thing...
>and THIS is who you hold up as undebateable????
>you can do better than that....

- even after all that you havent debunked a got damn thing. the only thing i got from this is that you are pissed. if that is what you wanted to get across then you succeeded. I ask you to debunk what this man says about the black community and all you did was say he cant talk. nigga take your ass to bed and try again 2morrow....