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Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sun Feb-06-05 11:35 AM
>i blame it on the food myself

I think it's the wine, mostly. It's about what you'd expect from a nation of drowsy winos.

>they did colonise some pretty weird spots though.. i mean.
>mali and new caledonia? eeexcellent fucking choice there,
>boys. one's mostly desert, the other is an island surrounded
>by the 2nd biggest coral reef in the world.

Well the Brits grabbed up most of the good spots, so the French had to make due with what was left. But the French did get Tahiti though, so it wasn't all bad for them.

>i have to have some respect for the french though, because
>the first girl i kissed was a french melanesian

Well French women, sure. But French men are another story.

>but at the same time, the only terrorist attack on new
>zealand- hell , the only attack on new zealand by anyone-
>was the french blowing up a Greenpeace ship in the 80s.

They actually fired on an unarmed ship? Wow, that's fucked up.

>they continued nuclear testing in the south pacific until
>the mid 90s, along with *cough* you guys...

Hmm, I think the US stopped testing in the Pacific before that.

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