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Topic subjectThe Revolution Will Not be Televised...
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28525, The Revolution Will Not be Televised...
Posted by RiceMoDo, Wed Feb-16-05 05:31 AM
this is a great documentary that documents the brief coup of hugo chavez. the film crew who made it just happened to be in caracas making a movie when the coup went down and were in a unique position to catch it unfolding on film. it shows how the corporate elite's control of ALL the media other than the state TV station (ironic that it's the gov't media that's the most reliable) allowed them to fool people into thinking it was a coup that was wanted and good for the people. they basically kidnapped hugo and flew him to a location where no one could contact him. then they shut down the state tv station and pumped the airwaves full of anti-chavez propaganda. they portrayed the peaceful protesters that marched in the streets because they're elected leader had been kidnapped as dangerous and violent, when in fact they were being provoked by armed snipers taking shots at them.

what's great about the film though is that it has a happy ending. the people wouldn't let it happen and the national guard were loyal to chavez not the business leaders they tried to install. it really shows the power that resides in the people and it shows that those corporate leaders are not invinceable. also it shows the incredible importance of media and who controls the media.

anyway, it's been a year or two since i saw the film, but its truly moving and informative and i would HIGHLY recommend it...