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28511, comeon now
Posted by foxnesn, Wed Feb-16-05 10:31 AM
>in previous discussions on Venezuela, you clearly showed you
>knew nothing about any of its political dynamics or its

yea and you are showing that you know how much about it now?

Chavez is not in power because of his control of
>the military, but in spite of the military.

could you please remind me in which way chavez took control of the venezuelan govt?

he has massive
>popular support among his people and the lower brass of the
>Venezuelan military.

all contrived STATE CONTROLLED propaganda.

he does nothing to stiffle the obvious
>lies that the privatized media continuously spews about him

lol!!! obviously if his own citizens are against him surely there is some merit in it since as you said, he isnt a dictator. LMAO!! dude you just contradicted yourself hardcore.

>and is much more accessible to the Venezuelan public than
>any american official- which is far more democratic than the
>US could ever be

yea if you count imprisoning citizens based on rumors of being against him then yea, he is much more accessible.