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Topic subjectRE: don't mix the issues
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28509, RE: don't mix the issues
Posted by foxnesn, Wed Feb-16-05 12:53 AM
>>yes im sure the venezuelan citizens love having all their
>>land redistributed so that chavez can have ultimate control
>>over the entire land.
>the people have clearly benefitted from Chavez's
>leadership... that's why he WON A LANDSLIDE VICTORY IN A
>DEMOCRATIC ELECTION. so are you going to play the role of
>benevolent American colonialist and decide the Venezuelans
>don't know what's good for Venezuela?

ever heard of a fixed election? the guy is a military leader. vote against him and you get jailed. and wasnt his last election close to a split.

>>dont let the communist propoganda fool
>>you, this isnt about giving power back to the people, its
>>about chavez stealing rich people's land and taxing the shit
>>outta other poor citizens he hands it over too so that he
>>can have control over them.
>question for you... what's the Venezuelan tax rate? and you
>talk like Chavez is a dictator or an absolute monarchy-
>which is far from the truth.

so imprisoning citizens without question is not dictating the law? and asking what the tex rate is in a socialist company is like asking a janitor to dismantle an atomic bomb. basically if you work for the govt you dont have to pay income tax but if you work for a private oil business, as the majority of people do, its something like 17 percent royalty tax and close to 68 percent income tax. check countrywatch.com.

>>and the last time i checked,
>>political activists such as al-queda were killing innocent
>>people who have nothing to do with our govt.
>we're talking about Venezuela, not al-Qaeda... and even
>al-Qaeda is a reactionary group that sees itself reacting
>"in-kind" to US aggression

and how is that seperating the acts of the govt from its people?