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Topic subjectthis is sheer folly for England & the US
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28497, this is sheer folly for England & the US
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Tue Feb-01-05 06:21 AM
beasue when the Black Revolution comes, ANYBODY WHO'S AGAINST ANY KIND OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION will be the first to go. Some loser will put a bomb in Tony Blair's or George Bush's office.

And sadly & Tragically, it probably won't do much to stop the machine.

Put your attention on something else happeing, my brothers & sisters. Put the power in yourselves and your communities.

One of my best frineds, problably my Bestest frined besides THE ONE is venezualean .

You think I'm dark? I'm the OLD MAN of Darkness!

Put the power not in this Homoerotic rape of Black people for at least five minutes in your day and channel it into you having a good supper, with harm to none.

BUSH & Blair are the Fiield NEGROES. YOu can be a NW kind of Master, that allows the Field negroes to ue their true masculine power (not the phony bigger is better MalE Chauvinist), the focus, to get the Whte Man off their land before he's even there andy more than he already is.

You can change this, by being this new kind of Master. You certainly dont have to, to have other people as Masters and Gurus is fine, but ultimately dont'you want to be our own Master?

So be a new kind of master. Put your attention on what you want. More & More.

But don't worry, bitches! FIELD NEGROES can handle the shit if you stop your precious worrying about whether or not they can take care ofd themselves. Let the House Negroes either choose to become Spiritual (and thus, people), r let the Field negroes push them out of the way, by any means necessary.


(That was a sammple of "the last" "Please" uuttered by De Las Soul Producer Prince Paul on the song "take it OF" on the De Lasoul tape (I'm oldschool, bitches) "3Feet high & rising" /

So listen, how we gonna make the Black nation "RISE"?

BY ALLOWING IT TO. WE don't have to CAUSE it to rise, it Wants to rise. The flip side of reality creation is to allow something to happen, as opposed to casue it. For instance, a Rape victim didn't casue herself or Himslef(it does happen) to be raped. But they did ALLOW it. I'm speaking of adults here, not children. ALL kids are victims, casue they dont understan dthe positive & negative impact they have.

And as far you Mothers out there, you are excluding from my "No Worryinng" suggestion. What can I say, I choose my battles. This one I do not choose to battle you on becasue as a general rule:

"MOTHERS WORRY!!!!!!!!!!!'
Can't you hear at least one right now worrying if she worries?

Forgive yourselves, bitches! Go get some ice cream ,wih extra chocolate syrup. And White choclolate aint chocoalate.
your brains release endorphins which make you feel happy. So run, go get some chocolate and inbox me

I love it!

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then finished at 11PM EST)

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