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Topic subjectRE: Blacks have no culture?
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2866, RE: Blacks have no culture?
Posted by Lou, Wed Nov-26-03 09:10 PM
i think the catch is grouping all blacks in one category.. similar to grouping all asians in one category..

can you tell the difference between an ethiopian and a kemetian and someone who grew up in ghana??

what i find, is not many ppl can.. including not many black ppl..

but guarantee that a chinese person knows the difference between a japanese and a malaysian..

there's TOO MUCH unity, and yes, it's been a result of white influence on black cultures.

in fact, some black ppl don't even KNOW their ancestry.. i can tell you right now i have a kemetian bloodline.. but *way* too many kats i meet can only tell you they're black and descend from africa.. like africa is one country.