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Topic subjectRE: If Blacks have no culture
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2864, RE: If Blacks have no culture
Posted by PulpHustler, Wed Nov-26-03 02:47 PM
When I say "black culture" i'm speaking on black folks worldwide because it's gone on everywhere that black folks have been. With the exception of a couple percentages, black folks primary spread from africa was the international slave trade, so our collective culture and all its offshoots and branches has been dealing with co-option ever since.

Every generation of blacks on every continent in effect has to reinvent itself, not by choice, but because what ever they had and attempted to pass down got watered down, controlled, represensed, etc. Hiphop which is a collection of lots of africa, islander and north american black expressions is just the latest example of this...

"So what kind of power have you got as a man, if the very
way you define yourself comes from outside your
environment, your domain, your soul?

--Kevin Powell