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Topic subjectmuch of the culture was born of reaction to slavery
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2856, much of the culture was born of reaction to slavery
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Nov-26-03 10:19 AM
much of the culture is a culture of immediacy or intensity, whether it's expressed thru speech or artifacts of culture. and while it helps in certain expressions of culture, (art and music) it doesn't lend itself to other endevors like business or building community or solidarity. for much of the history of black people in this country our fight or struggle has been to end something immediately to preserve dignity or life. whether it's been slavery or jim crow much of the knowledge and aims that were produced were to work towards the end of some outside force. like another poster said it's only been a development of the past 40 years or so that there have been black people who have had access to money to be able to compete within areas of society (finance, management, etc) where the end is more of a long term goal.