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Topic subjectRE: Blacks have no culture?
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2855, RE: Blacks have no culture?
Posted by soulgyal, Wed Nov-26-03 03:41 AM
I've written on many posts about topics similar to this one. To sum my beliefs up quickly, I'll just say that, yes, blacks Americans have a "recognized" culture where we live. Caribbean and Latino blacks have a culture as well, which is different from those of American blacks. But these cultures were mostly, if not totally influenced by the surroundings into which we were brought. You can list names like Louis Armstrong, Ma Rainey, and Jimi Hendrix and the such until you turn blue in the face. But in the end, everyone must admit that these famous black Americans were all products of a white society that has oppressed them and replaced their own culture with that of the new world. Black American culture is not pure. It is a mix of the forced culture and our own, which we can barely remember. Same goes for black Latinos and Caribbean blacks. There is nothing solely our own, purely of us, that is left. That's why we tend to clash with each other. Because we cling to these new cultures which, by the way, changes all the time, and are unwilling to find that which links us ALL together.