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Topic subjectRE: Blacks have no culture?
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2846, RE: Blacks have no culture?
Posted by PulpHustler, Mon Nov-24-03 04:51 PM
I think there's some truth to that.

Black americans, really don't have a culture the way other groups do. Everything we do has been and continues to be in reaction to what white did to us or how whites view us. The thing with immigrants and even blaks from other countries like parts of africa or haitia or jamacia is that their culture is more about developing their sense of self rather than fighting against how other folks see them...

When you don't have a real sense of who and what you are, it's hard to love and respect yourself or anyone who's like you.

As consumers, blacks still meausre quality as it relates to whites. Nobody brags about shopping in the hood or in a black store. We brag about being able to shop where white people shop. We brag about being able to by brands and product owned by whites. As artists we don't feel successful until Rolling Stone or Billboard or MTV or a bunch of white consumers tell us we're good or that they like us.

Secondly, you go where the money is. There are 20.8 million businesses according to the Department of Labor. Only about 900,000 are owned by blacks and 1.2 million owned by hispanics... Black people just don't own that much stuff. At somepoint you're gonna shop outside your community simply because you don't have a choice.

It's a complicated mess, but it gets down to not a lot of self-love or willingness to sacrifice for each other. But again, when you don't have a culutre or a sense of self to call your's whaddya expect?

"So what kind of power have you got as a man, if the very
way you define yourself comes from outside your
environment, your domain, your soul?

--Kevin Powell