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Topic subjectBlacks have no culture?
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2845, Blacks have no culture?
Posted by MizClayton, Mon Nov-24-03 04:39 PM
I was talking with my father about why Black businesses don't do well in our community. This conversation lead to a "what is wrong with Black people" conversation.

In a nut-shell, I said Black folks don't stick together like other cultures, i.e. Asians, Arabs, even Africans.

He said, Black people have NO real culture as these other ethnic groups, and that the culture that Blacks do have was designed by the white man so that Black people would not trust each other, and that it this was all a part of some plan, a plan to strip Black people of their culture and make distrust each other.

Do you beleive this? The fact that the lack of unity in the Black community is because of our lack of our own culture?