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Topic subjectRE: Do you feel trapped?
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2843, RE: Do you feel trapped?
Posted by flipnile, Fri Nov-28-03 05:36 AM
>Then I sit back and wonder what is attaining corporate
>success or whatever going to REALLY give me? Money...yeah.
>Happiness...no? What am I working for?
>I feel like society can outline our life for you, not really
>giving you any options. The way society is set-up, it seems
>like there are no options. Am I crazy?
>I hate going around in a suit, tap dancing for
>human-resources, tap dancing for execs, being fake, acting
>like I care about their company when I don't. It's all
>fake, none of it is me, and what I want for my life, but at
>the same time, I feel that is the only option that I have
>right now.
>I feel like being true to yourself is a crime, a risk, and
>it shouldn't be.
>Coming out of college is harder than what I thought it would
>be, emotionally and finacially. Maybe it's just me.

My words, almost exactly.