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Topic subjectmy friend graduated, couldn't find a gig and just
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2842, my friend graduated, couldn't find a gig and just
Posted by 6_1_flo, Mon Nov-24-03 10:52 AM
decided to create his own business, though he's still at his old job making 12/hr. But soon enough in roughly 2 years he'll probably be able to quit his job. He put in soo many apps and resumes and didn't get anything. It's very inspiring and I'm gonna shoot to own my own business as well. I got bout a year left of school before having my BA in Business Adm. But the key is making the best of your current circumstances and looking forward, figuring out how you can better your situation, also seeking God to lead you. I felt trapped at times, cuz I wasn't in school for a while and had to pay my loans back, but they gave me options which helped me. The best thing to do though if you don't wanna pay your loans right back is get back into school. Even if you don't have any money to take a bunch of classes, take at least one or two, so you don't have to worry bout it.