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Topic subjectRE: Do you feel trapped?
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2834, RE: Do you feel trapped?
Posted by alamo354, Fri Nov-21-03 11:10 AM
I am trying to avoid this feeling right now. I am a senior at an Ivy league institution. Fornutaley my loans are not out of control but they are substantial nonetheless. But I have to do what I think will make me happy. I was on wall street this summer making bank but it was the most depressing working experience of my life. When I factored in all the hours I was working or was supposed to work the wage was probably way below $10/ hour. That's not the way to go. You have to be happy doing whatever it you choose to do.

Basically I've decided that I plan on going to grad school (law) but I will not go another one of these top tier institutions unless they're offering a full ride. Otherwise I'll go to a state school and minimize my debt.

Next year I also plan on doing teach for america in New Orleans. Fuck working for one of those corporate giants and becoming a part of the COWS, corporate owned working slaves. The money sounds good but you begin living a lifestyle that requires you to stay in the business. It's a never ending cycle that traps you.