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Topic subjectthis is one of the reason
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2826, this is one of the reason
Posted by Trinity444, Fri Nov-21-03 02:09 AM
I would not want my son to go to college....I rather he pick up a trade...carpenter, plumbing, bricklayer...something of that sort. Just cant image at 21-25 being in so much debt...cant find a job...no direction. With a trade..he will always have this skill and can teach it to others...like other brotha and sistas in the community.

some people believe going to college is the solution but how when most of today's youth are at least in $20,000 debt. My ex is a physician, wont even begin to tell you how much debt he has inquired...and you figure he wont be finish paying for it until he's retirement age....how do you enjoy life, when you have to pay back loans for most of it. Not to mention the parents that front it for you...and after such and such years...nuthin to show for it..but a piece a paper worth such and such dolla's