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2823, BTW
Posted by Nettrice, Thu Nov-20-03 07:10 PM
I wrote all this to say, "I've been there, too." But, you know, at some point we make our own choices to stay where we are or to take a leap. But how to choose? The universal law of attraction brings like intentions together. You may think about getting out of your parent's house but say that you like being there. So nothing changes. Until you decide to do it, nothing happens. You are using your own will to stay where you are and that, along with the pull to leave is where the trapped feeling may come from.

I was thinking long and hard about leaving my current job but I was also listening to others about how I needed the job, should be lucky to have a job and I thought I liked having the security the job brings. So nothing happened. I am deciding now to take that leap.