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Topic subjectRE: Do you feel trapped?
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2821, RE: Do you feel trapped?
Posted by HiKwelity, Thu Nov-20-03 05:42 PM
That is exactly what i am trying to avoid right now. I am supposed to be doing the internship thing right now but i can't find one that i actually want to do.

I actually got a chance speak with dwayne anderson on wednesday, he is an anchor for fox sports chicago and does pre- and post-games for the chicago bulls. He told me the usual do what you are passionate about, but i also like something else he said. He said find a job that you want to do and then do it only the way that you can do it. Don't try to fit the mold, be yourself and do something original. I don't know if that does much for you or not, but i think it is great reinforcement for someone like me who doesn't fit in the box.

Oh yeah, there is one more thing............. it's been emotional

"The essence of good listening is empathy, which can be achieved only by suspending our preoccupation with ourselves and entering into the experience of the other person. Part intuition and part effort, it's the sutff of human connection" - Author unknown