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Topic subjectRE: Do you feel trapped?
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2818, RE: Do you feel trapped?
Posted by Gabe, Thu Nov-20-03 04:56 PM
I feel you man. Shit, thats why I went to grad school (among other reasons). Here's some advice for what it's worth.

Corporate america is a fat pile of BS. Try looking into non-profit organizations. They don't pay as much, but they will give you enough to eat and live reasonably well. Plus you will feel that sense of purpose that is nowhere to be found in corporate america (there are exceptions however)
I know this is not easy to do, but think hard about what you want from your job besides a roof over your head. You have defined fairly well what you dont want to do. Look around on the internet. Check the histories of people you admire and see where they started and who gave them their first break after college. Shit, go teach english in Spain or Japan. I know that debt can be a motherfucker, but there are ways to defer it until you get a job that you like. My moms is still paying off her college loans and she's damn near fifty, but she likes her job and she has a sense of purpose. (She works for LISC, their nation wide check their website. http://www.liscnet.org/ ) Most of all, just keep at it. This shit takes time so just maintain and you'll find something
Hope some of this was helpfull.

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