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Topic subjectRE: Do you feel trapped?
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2817, RE: Do you feel trapped?
Posted by TrUeSt_fAlSe, Thu Nov-20-03 04:55 PM
My situation is exactly the same as yours. I'm only about 8,000 in dept but I haven't found a job in over a year and a half so tha 8000 feels like 80,000. I finished school in May 2002 and it's been hell ever sense. I finally start training this weekend for a job that isn't in my field (graphic design).All i can say to you is that if you have a idea put time into it, even if your are already working. A lot of succesfull folks actually work more than 40hrs in their own buisiness ventures so if you can take out the time it will be well worth it. Don't going into it thining that it's a waist of time because you aren't gettin paid as you go along cause it'll all pay off in the long run. I plan on starting a clothing company so i've been investing time into that. I finished a logo for it and eveything. I have other ideas for movies scripts etc. You definitely aren't alone. I've heard stories of engineers selling matresses and nursing students who can't get work at Mc Donalds.

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