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Topic subjectWhite's follow religon - original blacks lived life!
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28230, White's follow religon - original blacks lived life!
Posted by AquamansWrath, Mon May-02-05 12:57 PM
That's because white's instituted the idea of religion...
think about it... generally when it comes to music whites simply copy everything we do. They denounce it at first (like the Romans did), then they wait until it blows over, and then they compeletely consume it and try to make it theirs. Religion is no different... keep in mind it's like white musicians have to have notes and read... or a formula... or break everything down into numbers... for blacks this process is already natural... it's like I tell cats Christ was a Muslim... not a Christian... A Christian is a fake formula religion.. and Christ worshipped God... nothing more nothing less... and that's what it means to be Muslim... it's a lifestyle... but now all religions are corrupt. That's cause they never were suppossed to exist... only the way you live your life.