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Topic subjectRE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
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28223, RE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
Posted by The Hammer Man, Fri Apr-29-05 04:31 PM
..right from this your saying that religion itself has been corrupted? its role in society has been changed, by the very organisations that pass on religions. Churches, of any kind, have a political influence. They are political organisations in the losest sense of the word, in that they try to contain and harness power, its just that the range of power is in a different sphere than to that of governments for example. As for the basis of all religions coming from African, I don't have a problem if that is true, but given the nature of humanity, i'm more inclined to go with a phenomonological approach, i.e. at points in history people thousands of miles apart reached the same conclusion...look to the pyramids in South America and the pyramids in Egypt to see what I'm saying. There is no possible way for these people to have communicated. Therefore, as with the Pagan symbols, there is a shared humanity and there is no need to claim ownership. Just a consideration.