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Topic subjectRE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
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28222, RE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
Posted by Akhenaten, Fri Apr-29-05 04:11 PM
I think alot of people miss the point entirely. IF you believe in some sort of Spirituality it's a guiding force in your life. If you don't see yourself in your GOD then you don't have a real connection (ie: The fraud pic of Jesus hanging up in churches.) The psychological effect of Religion is extremely important too combat. Given that it plays such a major role in society.

The problem comes when you find out certian "Truth's" your place in the world is askwed. Most of the known religions come from the "Afrikan" so-called "Mystery System." If you say that laws only apply to a certain people (which I don't disagree) then why should non-Afrikans practice religion w/o any "divine revelations?" Thats a issue we as a society need to deal with. Somebody, died today because people are arguing over a Religion they have no "real" claim too?

I don't see why it's a stretch that if the "Israelites" started in KMT and "Moses" was the "bro" of the Pharaoh (which one by the way?)and the "Israelites" came around in the mid-dynasties and the Book of the Forthcoming was around waaaaaaaay before that. That the practices in the Torah applies too all-Afrikans or KMTetians?

Moses: Let my people go!
Pharaoh: Give me back my book then!