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Topic subjectRE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
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28177, RE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
Posted by Akhenaten, Thu Apr-28-05 02:04 PM
Defending the "King James Version" Ha! *oooops*

First I take issue with "KJV" alone. Who was King James? Why is there a "version" of the Bible? Why does King James have his own "version" of the Bible?

The answer to the first question is not Lebron James!

The history of the Bible is very interesting to say the least. People, who defend the Bible hardly can answer those three questions in much detail. Dare, I bring up the Council Of Nicea.

Since, were talking about Christianity why dosen't it have any "antiquities?"

Shroud of Turin *hoax/missing*
"Moses Ten Commandments" *destroyed/missing*
Ark Of the Covenant *hoax/missing/jesus baby mama (see: the davinci code)*

Im starting to sound like a real heathen. Don't let my momma see his post...