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Topic subjectRE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
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28173, RE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
Posted by Akhenaten, Wed Apr-27-05 04:45 PM
Collected DNA samples from the Lemba tribe in South Africa, Yemeni (Arab), and Sephardic Jews and Azhkenazi Jews (including Cohanim from both communities) to compare the amount of similarity that existed between each of these groups.

The chromosomal type in the Lemba African (Cohen modal haplotype) that is characteristic of the Jewish priesthood in a frequency that is similar to what you see in major Jewish populations was even stronger in the Lemba tribe than that of the Israeli Jews Rabbinical sect.

You can check this in more detail at the web address below.

"Oh, and on a sidenote has anyone heard the stoy of Osiris, read "the admonitions of ma'at," checked out the (carbon-dated) dates on the oldest PHYSICAL "scriptures" and compared them too the (carbon dated) dates of the pyramid text?"