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28156, RE: How did you feel....
Posted by Kozmikblak, Fri May-06-05 02:43 PM
>what about you? Good question too...

Pissed. The dawning of the truth was a slow process for me. Raised to respect my elders and listen. Then to watch them try and cover up the inconsistencies over the years as I was pointing them out. It was jaw dropping. I'm like, I'm a kid and a see this is some bullshit. The blind faith they held from indoctination, that shit turned me off to religion completely. "Jesus didn't originally come for us. But if you accept in your heart that he died for our sins you'll go to heaven." What kind of shit is that? Black folks were an afterthought to god? This is what my sunday school teacher was teaching us kids while we ate pork sausage biscuit sandwiches. They soon moved me to a older level class because I was making it hard for her to teach.


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