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Topic subjectRE: it's more solid than any alternate theories provide
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28145, RE: it's more solid than any alternate theories provide
Posted by Kozmikblak, Tue May-03-05 10:46 AM
>>It’s not a point of knowing. The discussion is the jews of
>>today are not the original jews. So if this area is to be the
>>original area of the original jews, and the folks who are
>>claiming Jewish today are not the original jews then they are
>>not the original populations.

>I understand the line of reasoning here, but it is being spoken of >in this thread as a point of knowing.

The flipside does the same.

>But the "non-original jews" are from Europe, and the "so-called >semitic folks" now inhabiting the Levant are supposedly all >migrants from deep in the Arabian peninsula... so how are they from >the same area?

Simple. The “so-called semetic folks are not from deep in the Arabian peninsula.

>>Who is to say they have gone anywhere? See Zewari’s recent
>>post “Saudi king clinically dead” post#4. They are still
>>there just not in power. (I wonder how many of these people
>>the included in their tests)

>If you're talking about the Nubians then yeah they're still there, >but they were always located in upper Egypt. But what about the >inhabitants of lower Egypt? Did the Arabs ethnically cleanse lower >Egypt completely?

First you did not read Zewari’s post that I referenced to. Secondly it doesn’t have to be a ethnic cleansing that took place. The Arabs could have simply move the indigenous Nubians further south in the country. Look at the Dhafur situation. They Arabs sure do have them on the run.

>>>But the people who now call themselves Jews were in Europe
>>>for almost two thousand years. How are they genetically
>>>related to the peoples occupying that area now if neither
>>>population is originally from there?
>>They migrated.

>From where? When? To where?

I don’t know from where. Pakistan area, Afghanistan Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey?? I don’t know, but it is possible. There is not enough data in that chart to refute that.

When? During invasions. Generally with invasions com a influx of new peoples to the area. Australia, America ring a bell? Not guaranteed but very probable and possible.

To where? The region that we are discussing

>>Also there were a lot of empires formed in that area by
>>different peoples leading up to “the birth of jesus”.

>So what does that prove?

Prove? Alone? Nothing. But the possibilities it presents are a different story.

>>All this proves is that these people who now call themselves
>>jews are closely related to the peoples occupying that area
>>now genetically. The point is these are not the original
>>population but migrants who have moved into the area and
>>converted to these religions.

>But the logical conclusion of this is that European Jews originate >from deep in the Arabian peninsula or that Arabs originate from >Europe. So unless that is what you're arguing, I don't understand >what this is supposed to ultimately mean

I lean towards the Arabs not originating in the Arabian peninsula.

>>I am curious to know how
>>closely, genetically, they are related to Afghanis and
>>Pakistanis as well. Look how closely related they are to Turks
>>and how close Saudi Arabians are to Europeans in that chart.

>I haven't seen any studies on that. But the Saudis aren't really >that close to the Europeans on that chart.

The Saudis are in relation to their location on the map. The Turks are more closely related. By the way what is a Near Eastern Jew, and where are they at?

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