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28121, israel.
Posted by AquamansWrath, Tue Apr-19-05 03:33 PM
"They are reviled throughout the world-where ever they've done the dirty work of US Imperialism.

Israel was a key broker in the "October Surprise" manipulation of the 1980 elections AND the subsequent "Iran/Contra" secret Iran/USA arms deal/illegal war in Nicaragua.

Israel took over the Argentine/Central American Death Squad Training contract with the USA after the FalklandsWar-cheerfully TRAINING Salvadorian and ex-patriot Nicaraguans in fine art of torture/rape/industrial sobatage etc.

Israel also supplied Apart era South Africa with Nukes-for some INSANE reason.
Also acting as a alternate source supplier of weapons that could not be traced to the USA-allowing the US to plausibly deny involvement with demented torturers in Haiti,Zaire or Apart era South Africa.

Israel is -ironically-a rats nest of fascism/the post ww2 REBIRTH of fascism." - another great Okayplayer not afraid to speak the truth!