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Topic subjectRE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
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28114, RE: Why Can't People Acccept that Jesus was African?
Posted by sope_w, Fri Apr-15-05 10:44 PM
Come on folks, even if Jesus wasn't African he surely wasn't
white. As long as I coud remember the pictures I saw of Christ
were of a pale faced man with blond hair. Now how many people
do you know who live in the Middle East that look like that?
None! To me it's just a way to control peoples perception. I
mean Chrisianity is a huge religion and for people to say that
the person responsibel for all this was white, its like a
point in their column. I don't think he was African, but he
what do I know, I wan't there. But I am sure as hell that he
wans't the porcelain faced person I've seen my entire liife..