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Topic subjectMoses' wife was Ethipoian
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28113, Moses' wife was Ethipoian
Posted by Fisticuffs, Fri Apr-15-05 10:43 AM
it's clearly stated in the Bible.

I went to Catholic school from grades 1-8, a private Jesuit school from 9-12. I read 80% of the Bible in high school.

I remember in 7th grade we asked my religion teacher what color Christ was, he said "color doesn't matter." They always said that but they promoted the images of a white Jesus, my 12th grade text book was called Understanding God w/a white god image on the cover, The Ten Commandments movie w/white Egyptians, etc. That's the most damaging lie in history. That's straight up tricknology lol. If color doesn't matter or "we don't know what color Jesus was or God is" why depict them as white men?

As I started to read Malcolm I applied the knowledge to my classes as we read the Bible. All the shit they said was not adding up. I asked myself:
If Moses passed for an Egyptian, who are darker people, how could he be white?

Half the shit in the Bible takes place in Africa but we're lead to believe that everyone in the book was white. They'll never accept the truth because it would destroy everything they've built. How could you say that blacks are inferior if Jesus was black? We could never be oppressed if this was known.