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Topic subjectRE: Finally some reasoning.
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28076, RE: Finally some reasoning.
Posted by insanejake, Sat Apr-23-05 06:37 AM
I find it hard to
>deny however that this puts you in a position of privelage in
>some ways.

So being intellectually curious and working hard priveleges you? Whats new?

Becuase of this there is a disproportionate
>influence of political thinking and politics, another point
>you refuse to answer. by the exchange we have had, can i also
>say that this limits other peoples thinking?

What do you mean by disproportionate? There are a disproportionate amount of black basketball players. What about all the Jews who want to play professsional basketball..... People who put the effort in (as individuals) get the rewards...

>academically, i mean i dont have the statistics, but i would
>imagine that more Jews find their way into Higher Education
>than say working class whites or african americans,

Balls. I live in the UK. Jews represent 0.3 of a percentage point of the population here. I think it is less in the states. So there are far less Jews than either group, purely from the numbers of Jews in the country.

There may be a higher proportion, but are you going to penalise people for being succesful? Stop Jews from going to college or something?

>therefore since you seem to be educated you look down on
>people who are not?.

Not at all. I look down on people who cant reason. Who dont take the information they have and the information others give them to form a rational coherent and logical argument... I know highly educated people who cant do that. And I know "uneducated" people that can.

and out of curiousity, do you find your
>religion and your race as a source of conflict, given the
>history of both in the U.S.A.?

My religion and my race are the same thing. But I live in the UK. TBH, I have experienced some nasty things as a result of who I am. It is only a source of conflict when people say things about Jews they a) wouldnt say about another group of people and b) wouldnt like to people to say about their own group of people...