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Topic subjectRE: Finally some reasoning.
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28075, RE: Finally some reasoning.
Posted by The Hammer Man, Fri Apr-22-05 06:17 AM
..in reply to your points. Yes i understand full well that the Jewish faith covers the entire political spectrum. and this is where the point lies, Jewish Influence in Europe and the states is primarily intellectual, be that in economics or social theory or a wide range of subjects. I find it hard to deny however that this puts you in a position of privelage in some ways. Becuase of this there is a disproportionate influence of political thinking and politics, another point you refuse to answer. by the exchange we have had, can i also say that this limits other peoples thinking? Since academically, i mean i dont have the statistics, but i would imagine that more Jews find their way into Higher Education than say working class whites or african americans, and therefore since you seem to be educated you look down on people who are not?. and out of curiousity, do you find your religion and your race as a source of conflict, given the history of both in the U.S.A.?