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Topic subjectFinally some reasoning.
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28073, Finally some reasoning.
Posted by insanejake, Fri Apr-22-05 04:48 AM
>..first of all we're having a conversation and now we're
>having an argument?

Argument as in flow of ideas.

but i thought everything anybody said was
>a contradiction? as for the relevance to the original topic,
>would it make a difference if Jesus was Black? nothing, but
>the conversation has moved on from that.

Yup, I thought we were discussing how I was Blak and Jewish.

So perhaps this is
>more about how religious beliefs influence political
>descisions and points of few, and it seems to me that Judaism
>has a lot of politics attached to it.

All religions do....

so the point is that the
>Civil Rights movement would have been primarily Christian.
>does that make a difference in how you view Martin Luther
>King? had he been Jewish would he have chosen a similar path
>in life?

Some of the first civil rights campaigners were Jewish.
I think there are several factors in Jewish attitudes to other cultures. Firstly, where Jews families come from inititally. Secondly, the culture they are brought up in and finally, the history of that family, and the country they are in...