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Topic subjectHere's why it matters...
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28040, Here's why it matters...
Posted by Kozmikblak, Fri Apr-15-05 09:29 AM
A black sunday school teacher told my class that Jesus came to save is people the jews. But we should love and praise him cause he died on the cross and if we accept him into our hearts now we will be saved also. Now as a kid of 12-13 all I knew of the world Jews were white as far as I could see. So black folks were an after thought and we should be thank the white saviour took pity on us to count us in.

Needless to say that was the beginning of the decline of religion for me.

This is the subconcious teaching that we are getting through the image of jesus as a white man.

Folks like suave wonder why some black folks rely so heavily on the whites and care so much what they think of us. We are trained to want god to look favorably upon us.

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