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Topic subjectPictures and Politics
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28038, Pictures and Politics
Posted by The Hammer Man, Wed Apr-13-05 10:06 AM
...this is the stuff i got my degree so i'll keep my eyes open. I'm listening to the "images of women in hiphop" debate and this line of thought ties in with some of that. The idea of making images that represent aspiration figures is the basic fabric of society, you create social norms by portraying images of what is expected, and by that i mean people who you can look up too. Previously that would have been the aristocracy, kings, generals. As society and technology changed so the images changed so now it's pop stars, movie stars, sport stars that are used. Personally i don't see much difference in a painting by a 17th century Italian Master or say music videos or adverts or most of the shows you get on television. I mean if you can see past the packaging and the language and the hype what does television do? it creates an understanding of the world, in the same way that paintings did in previous ages.