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Topic subjectWhite people called it Asia minor before they called it the middle east
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28025, White people called it Asia minor before they called it the middle east
Posted by insanejake, Sat Apr-16-05 07:32 AM
>Again... it's only been called the middle east as of this
>it's ALWAYS been northern africa... damn do your history sun..

Do yours...

>just try reading first... whites and arabs... hahaha... have
>you ever heard of Migration... I'll give you an example to
>explain this to you... if you go to Spokane Washington...
>there are a ton of white people... everywhere? But hey
>brightspot... before the Europeans came there was a thriving
>population and culture of Indians... this was their land...
>same thing brightspot.

Whats your point? That Arabs were once black? How do you explain the fact that most of the Ancient Egyptian art suggests that they look similar to how they do now whilst the Nubians were always black...

How about Berbers, Pre-Arabic North Africans who are white?

So try providing some proof for your spurious claims. I mean if you are going to burble random stuff, at least come up with some dodgy websites like everyone else. I mean I'm not expecting a reputable source or anything....