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28023, RE: Besides
Posted by insanejake, Fri Apr-15-05 08:08 AM
>So Christ being a black man is made up bullshit?

Yup, just as much as him being the son of God is.

all that
>shit happened in Africa yet you want me to think that white
>people hold that divinity and they somehow ended up in
>Northern Africa?

It happened in the middle east (Bethlehem is what is now called Israel in case you werent aware). And if you want to call Arabs/middle eastern peoples white, well, why not....

>funny stuff. Talk about made up bullshit.. the shit don't
>even sound correct and your still selling it. Amazing.

Whats amazing is how you make points repeatedly with no evidence at all, and then cry foul when you are repeatedly disproved. Do you always argue like this. Do you have rows with your friends like this?

"Aqua, where were you last night?"

"On the moon, kicking whitey off"

"No you werent, someone saw you at the gay bar last night"

"Thats ridiculous and impossible, and racist"

"Prove you werent then"