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Topic subjectRE: Proof?
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28004, RE: Proof?
Posted by TarnishedSpoon, Thu Apr-14-05 04:07 PM
>It's simple.
>Northern Africa and Central Africa.
>Ethiopia. David, Soloman.
>Um. Last I checked Blacks were living in Ethiopia and whites
>colonized there... you see? Common. Fucking. Sense. Of
>course you want cats to think that there were dudes in Africa
>named Peter... and Paul.
>It's kinda funny how uninformed you cats are, but how loud you
>are... it's like your shouting a dumb point... it's kinda
>funny actually.
>You see your spell that worked before... doesn't work
>You dig. Check some African artwork to find your original
>source of the star of david and the swastika which actually
>mean's 'peace'...
>but i know how you 'Making the Activist Boards' contestants
>are... so I won't go too far over your heads.

White people colonized the horn before Christ...

Hold the fucking books...


You're a fucking poser. You have continued to ignore where you have been proven wrong, yet you keep saying it. Saying some bullshit over and over again doesn't make it true... it makes you an asshole.